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College Scholarship Tip Friday: Spread the Word!

This is an easy college scholarship tip that lets others help you find more awards!

College Scholarship Tip Friday - Spread the Word

This really is an easy college scholarship tip!

Tap into your family and friends when searching for college scholarships. Let them know you are doing everything you can to find scholarships that will help pay for college.

Ask them to check with their employers, banks, credit unions, schools, businesses, clubs, and whoever they can think of to see if they offer scholarships for students.

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Post on Facebook about your scholarship quest and ask your friends to click the “share” button, letting THEIR friends know what you are trying to accomplish.

Tweet out scholarship requests to your Twitter contacts.

Use the power of social media and the spoken word to your advantage!

They’ll tell two friends, who will tell two friends, who will then tell two friends…..you get the picture! (and the scholarships!)

[TRUE STORY: My youngest son won a $750 scholarship because we told everyone we knew that we were searching for scholarships. It was a local scholarship that we had not heard about. A friend told us that he knew of a local scholarship that had received NO applications. My son applied for it and WON! There were a total of two applications for that award at the end. SCORE!!!]

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“Just had to tell you, we received the first envelope of “payback” and it was on my son’s birthday. Directly as a result of all your guidance and tips in your How to Win College Scholarships ebooks. He was named State of Idaho High School Honoree for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award — all-expense paid trip to DC (for he and I!) and $1,000. I now know the feeling of opening the first envelope — as you said, the hard work does pay off — and the feeling is over the top! Thanks again!” L.B., Idaho

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College Scholarship Friday: Spread the Word!

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Parents, join us over at our free Facebook group, Scholarship Help and College Talk for Parents.

You will love the support, encouragement, and scholarship tips from other parents!



College Scholarship Tip Friday - Spread the Word to Find and Win More Scholarship Awards

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